What clients are saying...

Corporate Clients

“Kerry was very engaging and delivered an honest and inspiring session. As a Director at Tarmac, the wellbeing of my team is really important to me and it was great to hear that after the session, colleagues said they felt more confident in recognising mental health difficulties in themselves or colleagues. It was heartening to hear that they’d be more likely to seek support from management if some of these issues should arise at work. This is all because of the training. I would recommend any work place booking Kerry for this training, it’s made a real difference to how we support one another.”

“Very inspirational session – Thank you.” 

“Really great session – it is something I already knew of but didn’t fully understand. I feel more confident to practice mindfulness now and hope to build it into my daily routine.”

“Loved this session. Really needed this after quite a stressful time recently. Thank you.”

“Really useful guided meditation – great presenter calm and clear.”

“Covid-19 has created a lot of uncertainty for the engineering community which has led to a lot of anxiety for us all. Kerry’s enthusiasm and passion was clear from the very beginning of the session and this made it easy for us to interact and share, even with it being on Zoom. The session helped me understand my own thoughts and feelings, and recognise that these are totally normal! Some of the tools and techniques shared in the session have definitely helped me managing everyday situations in this difficult climate and I’m looking forward to learning more in another session.”

“Kerry provided our young people with a wonderful session of mindfulness and meditation, during the pandemic. Both the young people and staff who attended, reported how calm and relaxed they felt after the session. Can’t recommend Kerry enough as a specialist mental health Occupational Therapist and Mindfulness Practitioner.”

“Kerry worked with us to deliver a mental health session with aspects to build resilience as well as introduce our staff and students to mindfulness. Our students and staff really enjoyed the session and felt they gained a lot from it. Kerry is extremely professional and she was able to understand our needs and create a session to support Purple Beard’s objectives in relation to internal and external clients.”  

Blessed Robert Sutton

Catholic Voluntary Academy

“Kerry was amazing and took our students on a mindful journey through the use of music. Kerry was very calming and relaxing and made both staff and students feel at ease. What was even more amazing was that Kerry did this virtually with over 300 teenage students and staff through Microsoft Teams. Kerry was very accomodating in arranging the session and communication was always clear. I would definitely recommend this session as a way of promoting mindfulness, wellbeing and relaxation into the school environment.” 

Individual Clients

“I found the sessions I had with Kerry to be incredibly helpful. Kerry really listened to me and was understanding and reassuring. She immediately put me at ease and explained how mindfulness can be beneficial to managing the current stress and anxiety I’ve been experiencing lately.  I have been practicing a particular mindfulness practice during my lunch break at work and have noticed afterwards, when I get back to my desk, I feel lighter, focused and more aware.”

“I have just finished a fantastic mindfulness introduction online workshop by Kerry. It was really interesting and had a great combination of both theory and practice by trying a few different mindfulness meditations. I loved the workshop and feel very relaxed now. I also feel prepared with some good tips for how to incorporate mindfulness into my day to day life as well as doing some formal meditations to reap the benefits mindfulness has to offer. Thank you so much.”


 “I thought your meditation session was absolutely brilliant. It’s literally opened my mind to new techniques that I will take on board for the future. Already looking forward to the next one.”


“Kerry’s Introduction to Mindfulness workshop was brilliant. As someone who practices guided meditation, I found it really informative to learn about the science behind mindfulness. Kerry made it really accessible and I loved the meditations she led us through. Her gentle tone of voice helped me to relax even with family life noise in the background. I would highly recommend Kerry to help you kickstart your journey into mindfulness.”


 “Over these last months with the huge challenges of home working, being Mum to teenagers and not forgetting a wife, I was intrigued by the option to explore Mindfulness with Kerry. 3 months on, I can honestly say I haven’t looked back. I still care passionately about aspects of my life but I care less. Meaning I am more detached and less judgmental with my thoughts and emotions. I don’t give myself a hard time as often and know I can reboot and adjust how I am feeling if needed. I am so pleased with my progress and hope to maintain practice and contact with Kerry as I continue my journey.

“Kerry is such a wonderful teacher, I instantly felt at ease when speaking with her. Kerry was great at working towards my goals and making mindfulness really accessible to work into my everyday life. I have gained so much from my sessions with her, I feel more at ease with myself and have learnt how to manage my stress and anxiety through the techniques and meditations she shared with with her.”

“I’ve recently completed Kerry’s 8 week mindfulness course and found it incredibly beneficial. Kerry has given me a deeper understanding of mindfulness and how to apply it on a day to day basis. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the different meditations extremely helpful. Couldn’t recommend it more.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the online sessions, feeling incredibly relaxed and grounded after each one. As a complete novice to mindfulness and meditation, Kerry delivered the content in an accessible and reassuring manner. The course has enabled me to apply mindfulness in everyday life to help manage anxious thoughts and feelings. I highly recommend Kerry’s course!”


“I have experienced the following benefits after attending an 8 week course with Minds First:
– Greater presence (for myself and for others)
– Greater awareness of emotions and reactions
– Peace, calm, ease, less stress, happier resting mood
– Greater energy
– Less fluctuations in mood
– Focus on doing things for betterment of self rather than for external validation”