Minds First For Young Minds

Mental Health Awareness & Mindfulness Workshops


Minds First is passionate about delivering mindfulness for children and young people in schools and colleges. It is so important to focus not only on academic success but on the emotional resilience and mental health of children, so that we can help them to thrive and succeed to the best of their ability.

We must nurture and protect children’s delicate and influential minds and provide them with the knowledge and skills to look after their mental health, so that they can overcome challenges and reach their own personal potential at school and future in life. Fewer depressive symptoms, lower stress and greater well-being has been found in children, from conducting mindfulness in schools.

The Workshop

Minds First can offer either one off mindfulness workshops or a course of mindfulness for schools, from KS1-KS5, as well as FE. Mindfulness will be taught in a fun, practical and interactive way, to really help engage children with this skill.

These can be particularly helpful for pupils who are preparing for a transition, such as moving up to secondary school or college.

We also recognise that the modern day demands and expectations of teachers can bring about significant stress and so Mindfulness workshops for teachers are also available.

Individual Mindfulness Sessions

There are many benefits to learning mindfulness as part of a group – through shared experience, young people can learn from each other, developing their understanding and offering opportunity for meaningful connection. However, should a young person prefer to work on a 1:1 basis, individual mindfulness sessions are also available. These can be provided either online or in person. Please get in touch for more details. 

Hire us to speak

The movement in mental health awareness and understanding relies on people telling their stories. By being open, honest and sharing with you, my personal battle with depression and anxiety, I hope that it will both inspire and motivate others.

I can offer talks based on my own experience of mental illness, provide advice on where to go for support, signs of struggle for people to look out for, and the importance of engaging in conversation about mental health. These can be for any establishment, including workplaces, education providers, community groups, youth groups etc.

Pricing is negotiable, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.